It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here….

Carnivorousness -  It's getting hot in here

It’s officially that time of year when thousands of men in possession of a smartphone and the gift of sight, fill up our Facebook feeds with endless streams of photos of their digital dash. For the uninitiated amongst you, they’re apparently drawing our attentions towards the searing temperatures, reminding us – in case we had accidentally shut ourselves (and subsequently been trapped) in our own fridges this past week – that it was kinda hot out there right now. I guess they consider it some kind of public service, aimed at fellow thermometer obsessives, who tend to howl at the moon and froth at the mouth when the temperatures start to creep up.

According to boffins who have studied this phenomena, the tradition dates back to around 2007, and to a time when just a select few people had access to a camera-wielding smartphone and a penis; both of which afforded the eager user ready access to their new automotive pleasures. Meanwhile – and perhaps unsurprisingly – social commentators have also acknowledged a correlation between those people who take photos of their temperature-focusing digital readouts located on their car dashboards and those responsible for uploading pictures of BBQs at the first whiff of June; just in case the rest of society had never seen one.


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