20 Things to Look Out for at the 2016 Mondial De L’Automobile (That’s the 2016 Paris Motor Show for those of you who failed your GCSE French)


  1. Cars
  2. French people
  3. Baguettes
  4. Middle-aged motoring journalists wearing formal shirts tucked into their casual slacks
  5. Automotive photographers (as above, only more hirsute)
  6. A new Keating model (also see 11, 12 and 13)
  7. Automotive design students
  8. Free merch
  9. Gerard Depardieu
  10. Female models at manufacturer’s stands
  11. The world’s fastest supercar (also see 6)
  12. The world’s fastest hypercar (also see 6)
  13. The world’s fastest hybrid hypercar (also see 6)
  14. Joe le Taxi
  15. A new Vauxhall that won’t depreciate by 90% within the first year of its launch
  16. James Bond’s new Aston Martin
  17. A vaguely attractive crossover
  18. Another variant on a Mini
  19. A factually accurate emissions-reporting new Volkswagen
  20. A sudden manufacturer-recalled Honda

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