20 Car Names That with a Little Manipulation Sound a Whole Heap Better


  1. Audi A-threesome
  2. Ford Female Escort
  3. Honda Jazz Mag/Honda Jizz
  4. Daihatsu Full Frontal Naked
  5. Mitsubishi Carisma Carpenter
  6. Dodge Dart Swingers Convention
  7. Gaylord Gladiator
  8. Vauxhall Adamski
  9. AMC Gremlins
  10. Ford Anal Probe
  11. Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard Sleeves
  12. Austin Princess Madeleine of Sweden
  13. Nissan Bluebird K7
  14. Volvo Amazonian Woman
  15. Opel Fruits
  16. Ferrari Testosterone
  17. SuGodzuki
  18. Saabrina the Teenage Witch
  19. Fiat A Barth Vader
  20. Gino Ginetta G40R

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