Just Who the F***k Are We?

Snaffling at the still wriggling entrails of once juicy automotive industry tit bits cast to the wayside by more celebrated motoring journos than we’ll ever amount to a week last Thursday, CARnivorousness is, essentially some rancid flesh hanging on to some long-sucked bones.

As your last stop for anything vaguely motoring or car-based, CARnivorousness aims to furnish your knowledge-hungry minds with the sum total of fuck all. It tirelessly achieves its half-arsed objectives by relentlessly regurgitating the decent news/stuff that other, professional motoring journos and respected automotive blogs will have doubtlessly broken sometime previously, whilst also exploring what we like to call the shite-r side of motoring. In a nutshell the random, pointless and insatiably juvenile subject matter no self-serving, dullard (yet annoyingly established and way more successful than us) motoring types would touch with their Snap-on tool.

Answering the calls of those car fans who frankly get a bit sick and tired of the pretentious and predictable guff editorially spouted by other contemporary motoring blogs, CARnivorousness takes you on an altogether different auto-esque journey; which refreshingly doesn’t include a guided tour of the author’s bowels. Instead – and almost making a mockery of the entire industry – it serves to bring an injection of much needed indiscipline and general rowdiness to motor scribing proceedings

All donations kindly pissed up against the nearest ATM.


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